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Decision Intelligence: The Future of AI (for Covid-19, Climate, Business, Governments, and beyond)

Machine learning alone is usually not enough: it only provides predictions or classifications but doesn't answer how to achieve your goals.
Decision intelligence (DI) answers the question:

If I take this action today, what will be the outcome tomorrow?
A DI model links actions to outcomes, and makes assumptions and predictions explicit so that you can change them with data or your expertise as your organization learns more over time.
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Assured Agile AI

Let's face it, AI (including ML and DI) is growing up. And with maturity comes the need for attention to AI project risks, bias, quality, and more. The good news: just as other engineering disciplines have matured through methodologies and frameworks that drive success, there are emerging best practices for AI, too.

We've captured them in Agile AI™. Based on our applied AI work going back three decades, you can learn from our experience to maximize your project value while keeping costs and risk under control.

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A machine learning pioneer,
Pratt has delivered applied machine learning solutions since 1988. She wrote Link: How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World, co-edited Learning to Learn, and leads machine learning and decision intelligence innovation at Quantellia.



Zangari leads Quantellia's Scalable Solutions division, where he is primarily responsible for financial technology and telecom solutions.
Before joining Quantellia, Zangari spent 15 years as CTO for a spatial GIS company, where he specialized in providing solutions to utilities and telecoms.
A physicist by training, Zangari's papers on cosmology are still referenced today.
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Nadine Malcolm
has four decades of experience leading cross-functional, multi-national, and geographically distributed teams delivering end-to-end solutions to complex problems to customers in the US, Europe, and Asia. Before coming to Quantellia, Malcolm held management and executive positions in several Silicon Valley startups, including VP of Development at Ascent Logic Corporation which provided systems engineering tools to major aerospace companies and US government projects.


Quantellia is dedicated to saving lives through better COVID19 decision making. A global company, with headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices in Canada, Australia, and the US, we are leaders in the effective reduction of risk through optimizing decision making. We are proud of our technology pioneer leadership, and are continuously "pushing the envelope" to reduce costs and risks while maximizing value (both financial and to society) of AI and DI technologies. With dozens of projects in diverse industries over the years, we are the trusted partner—some say the "hidden secret"—for large and small organizations in multiple sectors.

With a project success rate that is 7x the industry average, Quantellia is here to help: providing world-class applied AI /ML/ DI services and software solutions.

Let's be honest: technology is great, but what matters to us is you, our customer.

Core to all we do is a focus on your needs (at the project start), controlling your risks (as we plan and begin work together), and delivering the greatest value to you and your organization.

But don't take our word for it. Let's talk. We offer a free one-hour ML/AI/DI telephone consult: valuable if you're just getting started or if you're pushing the state-of-the-art. Contact Jess to schedule your call today.


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