Insight happens when data and AI reveals patterns and trends.  But…
…your organization’s Success happens when you start with business outcomes, and then organize actions, data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve them.


How does decision intelligence help your outcomes?

Simulate outcomes before resources are committed
Trace problems back to their root causes
Get early warning of upcoming dangers and opportunities
Introduction to Decision Intelligence including Decision Simulation for the Enterprise
What you’ll learn: How Decision Intelligence unlocks business value from data. How DI was used on a half billion dollar project to provide a 20:1 ROI. Sign up now!

Link Data to Causality

You’re starting to realize that data alone—even displayed in beautiful charts and graphs—isn’t enough. You need to know what to do, and that means connecting actions to outcomes through a causal graph.


Works with Your Tech

It’s time to integrate your existing assets for maximum value. World Modeler™’s decision model is an integration specification showing how your assets connect to business outcomes. And our decision intelligence methodology (check out the new O’Reilly book) tells you how.


Open Architecture

Our emerging industry standard open architecture makes your solutions modular and reusable.

Our services


DI Strategic Advisory

We provide advisory and strategic planning services to organizations helping themselves to improve decision making, as well as to the emerging vendor and services market: Decision Intelligence Service Providers (DISPs) and Decision Intelligence Infrastructure Providers (DIIPs).  As the hub of the international DI marketplace, we track DI news, leverage our hundreds of thousands of followers, teach DI courses online and in person, and provide multichannel thought leadership on television, radio, podcasts, our blog, and more.


DI Implementation Services

Looking for a comprehensive DI solution? Or maybe you just want to put your toe in the water with DI. We offer everything from one-hour workshops to years-long enterprise projects, where we work with our global network of DI asset providers (who offer data, AI models, econometric models, simulations, and much more) to assemble a custom solution for your needs.  Or if you just need part of a DI solution—like a CDD elicitation session or basic DI chatbot—then we’re happy to help.


Machine Learning and AI Chat Implementation and Strategy

Leveraging our 40-year history building ML and AI solutions for some of the world’s most important projects and organizations (like the Human Genome Project, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, financial institutions large and small, health care organizations, universities, and more), our award-winning team does things a little differently. We start with your goals, and work backwards to the data, not the other way around. The result is usually a considerable cost savings in data management and governance, plus fun and valuable projects at a price you can afford!

Quantellia has the depth of experience necessary to successfully deliver serious data-driven solutions to companies like ours.

Michele Colucci, Esq.

CEO, DigitalDX Ventures
I believe Quantellia has a unique ability to use AI to produce very useful real-time analyses-and presentation of key results-that will assist in identifying and quantifying the key impacts of projected changes in a client organization’s operations.

William A. Fenwick

Founding Partner Emeritus, Fenwick & West LLP
Quantellia has a great depth of knowledge, and a first-rate ability to deliver a project on time, to requirements, and to meet our unique requirements.


Deputy CTO, Administrative Office of the US Courts
Collaborating with Quantellia was a transformative experience for our team. Dr. Pratt’s capacity to rapidly comprehend our project objectives, align with our vision, and deliver on complex generative AI projects has been extraordinary. In a field that is increasingly competitive and demanding, Quantellia’s speed and accuracy have been instrumental in helping us maintain our edge.

Alfonso Albuquerque

Managing Partner, Decision Intelligence, Astral Insights
Lorien Pratt's approach transformed my thinking about the role of data in decision making. Inspired by her insights in 'Link,’ I used Decision Intelligence for my consulting work and to navigate a complex career transition. Later in that process, her detailed exposition in 'The Decision Intelligence Handbook' helped me up-skill and tackle a critical job interview. Lorien Pratt's guidance has been a compass, pointing the way toward success for myself and others.

Dr. Kayla Lewis

Associate Professor, Monmouth University
Dr. Pratt and Quantellia have been incredible partners in supporting our development of enterprise-grade decision intelligence solutions. As a machine learning pioneer and eminent voice in the decision intelligence, Dr. Pratt has again proven herself as a world-class thought leader and practitioner of the powerful new field of decision intelligence. Her team was friendly, professional, and delivered above and beyond our expectations. I look forward to working with Quantellia again in the near future!

Christopher Andrassy

Managing Partner, Decision Intelligence, Astral Insights
Dr. Pratt accelerated our machine learning journey with humor, intelligence, confidence, and examples that made sense. She really made the concepts accessible to non-data scientists, and we are delighted at the outcome of building our first ML model, and have the confidence to continue learning, building, and growing in this field. We found value in the 2-day intensive workshop to put all the pieces together.

Chris Kreul

Chief Technology Officer, First Bank and Trust
Working with Dr. Pratt allowed PI to go to market with an important demo that is already accelerating interest in our solution. It's been an absolute delight to work with Dr. Pratt and her team, who have been extremely helpful with much innovation and ideation around our ambitious climate solution. We look forward to continued work together for the foreseeable future.

Jennie-Marie Larsen

CEO & Founder, The Climate PI,

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