Do you have questions about
Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML)?

Now that your organization, like many startups, enterprises, and not for profits, is considering artificial intelligence (AI) as a value generator, you probably have a lot of questions, such as:

  1. How can I be sure my AI project is successful, on time, and under budget?
  2. What is the return on investment (ROI) on an AI project?
  3. What are the key risks in an AI project, and how can I manage them?
  4. What human resources do I need within my own organization to ensure that the AI project is successful?
  5. What about data? How can I make sure that my data is ready for AI? Is this the right time, or do I need to do something new to my data?

To answer your questions and more,
you need a trusted partner.

More than anything, you need a company that has implemented many AI solutions and has proven its ability to do so successfully. You also need a company that is looking towards the future and that is constantly innovating, to “future proof” your initiative. You want to ensure that your AI solution will continue to generate ROI for your organization and increase its value for many years.

You need a clear understanding of what your AI project will cost, how long it will take, and the impact it will have on the people in your organization.

You may want to minimize the use of your busy teams and have a trusted partner take care of the entire AI lifecycle. Or you may want a trusted partner for only part of the lifecycle such as:

  • Proving the ROI of the AI technology.
  • Or developing an AI assessment metric.
  • Or helping you build a reliable understanding of how AI will support your business processes and decisions.

Quantellia is your trusted source.

Led by the world famous machine learning pioneer, Dr. Lorien Pratt, we will be your trusted partner as you explore and benefit from this important new technology. Our team has built systems with hundred million dollar budgets, projects that mange work in dozens of countries, and has produced hundreds of millions of dollars of value for our clients. Our clients include trusted names like Cisco Systems, Transamerica, The Carter Center, Ericsson, Royal Bank of Scotland, Charter, and the US government.

We would like to meet with you
to discuss your AI needs

Our initial meeting(s) help you clarify what you want to accomplish, what AI technologies might be used, and determines the scope of work. This preliminary analysis provides valuable consulting whether or not you choose to work with us.

Next, we develop a fixed price proposal. 

Typically our proposals provide several options, allowing you purchase flexibility.

And then work with you to plan and implement
your Agile AI project.

Agile AI mitigates risks by:

  • Employing Decision Intelligence to ensure clarity about project goals (ROI and KPIs), choices (levers), and external factors.
  • Explicitly assessing data maturity, objectives, and available human expertise.
  • Focusing proofs of concept (POCs) on the greatest risk to ROI—that the promise of the models in the lab is not fulfilled in production. Each POC cycle is designed to eliminate one or more risks to production ROI.
  • Implementing a formal process to monitor ROI in the production system, quickly detect changes, and initiate appropriate actions.
  • Checking RO—and other goals and KPIs — at every step in the lifecycle.