As you support your clients to make high-value decisions, you’ve probably used a variety of tools: spreadsheets, Business Intelligence, Monte Carlo, Operations Research algorithms, simulation, and more.

But these technologies are not as widely used as they should be, especially for high-value decisions. They’re also hard for your clients to use, meaning that usually you deliver reports with answers, instead of in-process tools that generate continuous value.

World Modeler 2.0 is a state-of-the-art, immersive digital boardroom solution built specifically for technology- or subject-matter-expert consultants supporting internal or external clients who make high-value decisions.

World Modeler 2.0’s immersive 3D view

Your clients need to tap into Artificial Intelligence, the best human intelligence they have available, and real-time data sources to make—and re-make—high-value decisions. They want g a “digital boardroom” that allows them to interactively explore the impact of decisions in multiple scenarios, with various assumptions, on their business outcomes. They want to change elements of this picture in real time and to run instant simulations that builds on powerful simulation, AI, and computing back-end cloud-based technology.

It’s time to join the community that’s discovering the next generation of decision making, with great value and ROI, to both you and your clients.

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