Machine Learning

The Quantellia team has been delivering machine learning solutions for our clients for over 30 years, including to the Human Genome Project, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the US Department of Energy, the Administrative Office of the US Courts, and dozens and dozens more.

We focus on practical solutions.  We take machine learning from data preparation to proofs of concept to production systems.

We provide a full offering of machine learning services:

  • Deep learning
  • Transfer learning
  • Decision trees
  • Regression
  • Natural language processing

Taking the risk out of machine learning

We de-risk machine learning by making it explainable. Our Analysis Wheel Viewer lets you drill down into the decisions that led the neural net to its conclusion. We also de-risk resourcing your machine learning projects.  We can assemble an experienced team in a week.

Over thirty years we’ve seen it all—the epic fails and how to avoid them—as well as techniques that prevent all the small time-consuming mistakes.  We can show you how to prepare your data for efficient learning and when to stop unnecessary data management. Our World Learner™ tools bring you machine learning automation and our Agile AI™ methodology provides best practices for every point in the machine learning project lifecycle.

We can teach you how to be successful on your machine learning project or provide a team to deliver your project to you.  We offer:

  • Courses and workshops to jumpstart your team: single-day workshops, week-long courses, and packages customized to your needs.
  • Consulting to help you find more effective solutions, avoid problems, and improve your machine learning project management.
  • Decision Intelligence to ensure that your machine learning project meets KPIs and delivers ROI.
  • Innovative algorithm development. Our chief scientist Dr. Lorien Pratt led the teams that developed transfer learning and decision intelligence.
  • Fully implemented machine learning solutions.