Deborah Vilas

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Working with Lorien Pratt is an absolute pleasure.

I was significantly impressed with Lorien Pratt’s command of decision making components while we brainstormed ideas for addressing the complexities of providing high quality online learning opportunities at a small free standing graduate college of education.

Dr. Pratt’s application of her company’s decision making software, and her ability to isolate key variables in the process, has provided me with deep insight and understanding of the challenges and possibilities we face as an institution. I felt empowered and invigorated by our discussions. As a layperson unfamiliar with her product, I was thrilled with her communication skills and accessibility, as she adroitly scaffolded me to a thorough understanding of the complex process. Working with Lorien Pratt is an absolute pleasure.
With deep gratitude,
Deborah B. Vilas

Deborah B. VilasFaculty Instructor & AdvisorBank Street College

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