Tim McElgunn

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...one of the brightest, hardest working and most creative individuals...

It’s always a pleasure when there is no hesitation in recommending someone.
Lorien is simply the one of the brightest, hardest working and most creative individuals I have ever worked with in my 20+ years in the field of technology analysis.

She transformed Stratecast’s OSS practice, taking an already highly successful program and making it perhaps the most respected OSS analysis program in the industry, as well as consistently among the best performing of Stratecast’s many excellent analysis programs from a business perspective.
Her work with clients – from advising at the highest strategic executive level to supporting tactical decisions in real time – consistently provided the utmost in actionable value and was actively recognized as such by those clients.
She is an accomplished speaker and highly respected scholar in a number of technology fields.
From both a personal and professional standpoint, Lorien has been a major asset for me and I am absolutely confident in stating she will add massive, measurable value in any endeavor she takes on.

Tim McElgunnChief AnalystBloomberg BNA

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