Michael Smith

I had the pleasure of working closely with Lorien Pratt during my time as co-founder and managing director of research with Stratecast Partners, a division of Frost & Sullivan. We hired Lorien to serve as leader of our Operations Support Systems (OSS)/Business Support Systems (BSS) strategic analysis practice. Lorien was an absolutely outstanding program leader who excelled at developing insightful analysis and conveying it effectively to top executives at our clients. Lorien is a rarity: she possesses extensive technology and business acumen, and is very effective at communicating her thoughts in easy-to-understand fashion. During my career I’ve had the opportunity to hire a variety of people into a variety of roles, and to work closely with them. Lorien ranks without question as one of the best hiring decisions I’ve ever made.
Over the past few years I’ve had several opportunities to meet with Lorien and her colleagues at Quantellia. I have been very impressed with their approach and capabilities. I highly recommend her.

Bernard Carrier

Dr. Lorien Pratt represents a special group of computer scientist, one that delivers a human centered design approach to exploring the complex labyrinth of decision intelligence in the business domain with a view for the goals. Her passion and leadership in delivering her vision simply engages executives to pay attention to the effective and efficient solution being presented. More importantly, Dr. Lorien Pratt ability to listen carefully to her audience while delivering her vision allows for a strong synergy between potential business partners and her own business operations. Dr. Lorien Pratt delivers her vision and assists her business partners to achieve theirs.

George Azrak

As a practitioner of Data Warehousing over 20 years I find the approach of Ms Lorien Pratt to be unique, in skimming the cream of what a data warehouse can provide, discussing the outcomes with decision makers in a company and turning it into a unique strategic tool to help direct future decisions. She brings a level of maturity to the practice of Data Warehousing that adds a lot of value.

Basil Brown

Having worked with Lorien and Quantellia I writing this recommendation of her due to the experience, flexibility and decision making qualities that she always displayed when ever we did work together.
She is a person from whom Quality, with a capital Q shines and all that meet her and deal with her cannot help but to be impressed with the vision, objectiveness and enthusiasm she brings to bear.

Dan Baker

I worked with Lorien several years ago when she authored two research reports for my market analyst firm. She’s highly intelligent, resourceful and a pleasure to work with. Lorien’s also good at anticipating industry trends: we continue to focus on the telecom industry revenue assurance and analytics practice areas she launched for us many years ago.

Zubair Aziz

Lorien is a thought leader in the Data industry. She supported my client on diminishing returns analysis project where a substantial reduction in IT spending throughout the department was realized. She is very talented, motivated and engaging teammate who works well with clients and team members in a complex and challenging environment under constant time constraints.

Russell Wurth

I have known Lorien for almost 20 years – from my time as her student to when she first introduced me to Linux before it was popular, to collaborating on research defining cloud service models for telecommunications companies, and culminating in her current role in data modelling. Lorien has always been knowledgeable, thoughtful, and energetic about the latest trends in technology and using them to solve practical problems. I count myself as fortunate to be able to learn from her and work with her.