Tom Satter

I worked very closely with Dr. Pratt at the Colorado School of Mines on a project to use applied artificial intelligence algorithms to filter and extract data from very low power / high noise signals. Dr. Pratt understood information flow, artificial intelligence approaches, and computer algorithms at a level that put her at the top of her field. Dr. Pratt and I worked together and I found her to be an excellent teacher and colleague and would highly recommend her for any position she felt qualified to take on.

Nancee Ruzicka

Dr. Pratt possesses the unique ability to apply technology to augment incredibly complex processes. Lorien’s in-depth knowledge of how intelligence works combined with extensive knowledge of physical and mathematical concepts gives her the unique ability to see challenges and, more importantly, solutions in multiple dimensions.

Kavitha Chahel

I will start by saying ….what a mind! Lorien, is one of the most intelligent women I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing. Her knowledge, experience and expertise in all things technology is certainly something I have always admired and respected. Lorien is innovative, consultative and strategic. she looks at things from many different angles and offers her clients the best solutions.

Eric Troup

Lorien is an innovative thinker and thought leader in business analytics and decision modeling systems. We collaborated on a touch screen mobile device application for a decision engineering service that was very effective in bringing useful and actionable intelligence to business decision makers.